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When a lady forgets to wear knickers and proceeds to flash her (gash) to all and sundry.

Named after singer Britney Spears who forgot to put on her panties providing waiting paparazzi an eyefull of her (lady garden).
"I'm not going to wear panties tonight, I'm doing a britney"

"I think that woman is doing a britney, I've just caught sight of her (snatch)"
by phil1974 December 13, 2006
A council house face. Usually characterised by a pale complexion and unkempt hair.
"Man, she's been up all night, she looks a right Conbeer"

"I've just looked in the mirror and realised I look a proper Conbeer"
by phil1974 December 12, 2006
A person who constantly knocks over drinks at a party.

A stupid person incapable of conducting themselves in a proper manner because they got so wasted. Very unpopular at parties and in bars.

"Dude, you've knocked my drink over again, you're a spillage idiot"

"Who invited the spillage idiot?!"
by Phil1974 December 19, 2006
A form of exclamation expressing annoyance or surprise.

To cry out suddenly in pleasure or pain.

"Shit the bed, we've been burgled!"

"Shit the bed, that feels good!"

"Shit the bed, I have a terrible hangover"
by Phil1974 December 19, 2006

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