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Someone who chooses not to consume animal products. A vegan does not eat meat, dairy products or eggs from animals. They also do not wear leather, wool, silk and other animal derived materials. They often have to deal with people who seem intimidated by people who choose not to support the harming of animals.
I think that just because I can fit something in my mouth that I have to eat it, I could easily get by without meat but I choose not to out of fear of being 'PC' and I have absolutely no idea that you can easily eat a fully balanced, nutritionally sound, diet without consuming animal products... hence I am not a vegan. I do, however, like to display my ignorance by posting mind numbingly stupid and totally unfounded criticisms of veganism on websites because it makes me feel special.
by Phaedrus January 08, 2004
Comes from motor racing, espically motorcycle racing. Depends on who's listening. If you're mom's there, it's "Wound Flat Out" if it's your buddies it's "Wide Fuckin' Open"
"I was WFO on the back straight when I passed you"
by Phaedrus April 03, 2004
1. Put into or filled, past tense. As in cargo, luggage, etc.

2. High, Drunk or on drugs. Wasted.
1. The truck is loaded, let's go.

2. Tonight we get loaded and find us some...
by Phaedrus August 29, 2004

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