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Deriving amusement from the abuse of others; amusement at the expense of others.
"You are all here for my abusement."
by Leam May 10, 2005
When you abuse another for your amusement.
Use it as an excuse;
Why did you knee Joel so hard he threw up? "Abusement"
by Phaedrus April 16, 2015
The act of abusing for pleasure of the abuser and the abusee. The abuse is consensual as in consensual sadomasochism.
Mark's slave finds spanking and bondage to be critical aspects of their mutual abusement.
by sfcitydom July 29, 2010
The joy found from the abuse of others or the reception of abuse.

verb: abuseming
I am glad to be the source of my girlfriend abusement.
by beattensilly February 21, 2011
Deriving amusement from the abuse of others.
by Anonymous November 05, 2003
Injuries sustained whilst engaging in an excursion on an amusement park ride
while riding a roller coaster i suffered abusement when my head got beat off the safety bar
by mistressd April 15, 2010
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