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198 definitions by Peter

Short for End Of Discussion. Used (on usenet) to indicate that, as far as you are concerned, the discussion is over.
For the last time: the sun is yellow, not red. EOD.
by Peter March 11, 2005
A female or females who will do anything to prove that they can do anything as good as a male
She is penisenvious !
by Peter April 22, 2005
A kick ass school in Walpole MA. Also has nicknames like NCAHS and AGGIEIt has agricultural classes {EX. Mechanics, Arborculture and Animal Science} and owns its own mascot, the ram. The dress code is made by its own student which states you must if a male you must wear a carhart jacket, jeans and boots {commonly timberland}. If you are female...same thing. 25-50% of the students are hicks/rednecks. In order to go to this school you must have an industrial washing machine to get out stains from horse shit and mud. All students are imported to the school from towns all over the norfolk county and a few out of county. Including brocckton, holbrook, uxbridge and foxboro. It also has a ginormous lake in the front of it. A building at the school is named "Kemp Hall".
I am going to Norfolk Aggie to major in mechanics.
by Peter March 27, 2005
a bird that pecks wood but also is when you tap your erect penis on the girls head while she sucks your balls
"oh man I gave her a woodpecker last night!"
by peter October 24, 2003
The art of hearting boobs. Also changing the word indoors to I heart boobs. A very amusing quote from Celebrity Jeopardy.
Trebeck: Sean Conerry you wrote, good lord you wrote indoors thats pheunominal, are we recording this. Lets see what you wagered. I heart Boobs. Thats beautiful.
by Peter December 19, 2004
One of the best comedy series on the television and Ray Ramano as playing the role of actor is very funny.
Everybody Loves Raymond.
by Peter August 09, 2003
A deragotory way of referring to Microsoft; usualy used by people who use alternative operating systems such as GNU/Linux, BSD, or Mac OS X.
<tech support> So you're using Windows XP?
<me> No, heck no. I don't put any of that Microsuck software on my computer.
by Peter October 28, 2004