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A wank finishing with the ejaculation of semen onto a mans moustache.
James had a tashwank and he came on Tasher's tash.
by PervyP May 21, 2008
Cheese like substance built up around the anus/bum.
Similar to cockcheese but on the bum.
Hey lads,,would ye eat her bumcheese for a tenner?
by PervyP May 21, 2008
A basket, usually wicker,, used to store panties and other itens to cover the female ringpiece. Some females choose to have 2 hampers. One for clean panties and one for soiled panties.
Melon came home drunk one night and bumped into a basket and knocked it over. The next morning,his sister said " Alan,what were you doing in my panty hamper lastnight?"
by PervyP May 22, 2008
A soft runny poo folowed by a small hard log, creating a hole, thus creating poo doughnuts.
I had a dose of the poo doughnuts lastnight.
by PervyP May 22, 2008

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