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1. One of many American Special Forces Units (SFU). Often regarded as one of the best in the world; only surpased by the British SAS, and other HIGHLY top secret forces, such as Grey Fox.

2. With more than 10 KNOWN teams now, the Navy SEAL unit is comprised of the "best of the best". Richard Marcinko is probably the most well known and most influential SEAL, as he even created his own unit.

3. Started in 1963, by President Kennedy, this is a "counter-offensive, and counter guerilla task force".

Not very clandestine in the past years. Publisized for recruitment purposes.
Terrorist: Man, this is such a joke. There's no soldiers for miles. And besides, there's no way ANYONE could get through the lasers, many guards, security cameras, spotlights, motion sensors, dogs and trip wires.

*knife pierces through his nec; SEAL pulls his body into the darkness*
1. Before it was perverted, it was a military manouver in which a soldier or a troop turn around in the opposite direction; 180 degrees.
"Charlie Company, A-BOUT FACE!"

*soldiers turn swiftly and uniformly to face the opposite direction.*

*Onlookers are amazed with such precision and sexyness...*
1. Said to be the most clandestine militray special operations unit in the world, they're main role is S&C (sweep and clear, AKA: Search and Destroy). They are said to insert covertly into their AO (Area of Operations; which at the present 2005 is still Iraq) and search out specific marks, cards, or other military personnell.

There is VERY limited information on this unit. They are said to be all american, controlled by the Pentagon, maybe SOCOM (Special Operations COMmand). They are also said to be a section of Task Force 20.

I infer them to have been previous SOF soldiers, and they would most likely be mercenaries or black ops, for the lawless activities they engage in.
Hostage 1: I wonder if we'll be saved by Grey Fox.

Hostage 2: Who?
1. A clothing store that subliminally recruits brainless girls to be part of a mindless and overcoming army of stupidity.
Also accompanied by such useless fad stores like "American Eagle" and "Campus Crew".

See fake

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