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Bored? Chug and Fug may be your solution. Chugging and fugging consists of a huge quantity of alcohol and random people. Basically what one does, is get wasted with one or more people and then go around town talking to random human beings or inanimate objects. After chugging and fugging, one usually wakes up in a random persons bed or in a hallway, but never alone.
Chug and Fug at your own risk. Side affects may include, new friends, vomit up in yo hair hair, vomit in another persons bed, blindness, death, diarrhea, headaches.
by Perkay September 07, 2012
An Isabelle is a very intelligent and honest nerd. An Isabelle has very fat feet and stubby toes. The nerd like appearance is a disguise for her slutty ways. Once an Isabelle has gotten a bit of liquor into her system, an Isabelle turns into an Isabitch. Isabelle's usually like to show off their homework to non interested parties. With their innocent eyes, an Isabelle will usually get her way.
Guy 1- "Oh no, theres Isabelle..."
Guy 2 - "Run before she shows us her homework!"
by Perkay September 07, 2012

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