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World's greatest multi-purpose narcotic.
"Doctor, my life hurts, I need some percocet. Now GIVE IT HERE!"

Brad drove for 1 1/2 hr and went to some run down trailer park full of undesirables for some percocet.
by PerCoceT January 20, 2005
The bumps you get on the shoulders of a shirt when it's been on a hanger for too long.
Wash the shoulder nipples out of your shirt.
by PerCoceT January 21, 2005
A completely liquid bowel movement.
That Taco Bell gave me ass coffee.
by PerCoceT January 20, 2005
Medical term used to describe a fat person's stomach. It's the fat and skin that hangs down over their legs or to their knees. (butt in the front)
"Can you wash me underneath my foopah?"
by PerCoceT January 20, 2005
Cereal that comes in giant bags resembling dog food or cat litter bags. Always an off-brand and very cheap.
Bubba eats his trailer cereal out of the bathtub because he doesn't have any bowls.
by PerCoceT January 20, 2005
rolldogs, diso biscuit, x, xtc, love drug
The single most awesome drug in existence. If you catch a good roll, you'll feel like you're going down a sliding board covered in silk for about 4 hours (best accompanied by a vibrator held to the temple.. or anywhere else that feels good!). Catch a rough one, and you'll feel like you're on a 4 hour roller coaster with a broken handlebar. Also, the funk that ensues makes you wish you were dead. Follow with funk eliminator
They ate x for 5 days straight.
by PerCoceT January 20, 2005
The wonderful narcotic known as PERCOCET. This medicine was invented to eliminate the funk which follows binge-use of ecstasy.
I'm not eating them things (x) unless I have some of them other things (percs).
by PerCoceT January 20, 2005
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