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5 definitions by Penguin156

That one douche bag who is always in the garage with a machine gun on the Villa level of Rainbow 6 Vegas 2.

Did you kill machine gun jimmy yet?

You go up the stairs and I'll take out machine gun jimmy.
by Penguin156 August 24, 2009
4 0
An expression used when some thing happens. Usually used in a slight amount of frustration, or annoyance.
Ass fuck shit balls, I have to work this weekend.
by penguin156 August 24, 2009
8 7
A hell of a lot of something.
Person 1: Hey, did you see how many terrorists are hiding in that building?

Person 2: Yeah, there's a shit ass balls ton!
by Penguin156 August 24, 2009
2 3
blisters found in throat caused by extremely forceful face fucking.
Damn, I want to give that bitch throat blisters.
by penguin156 August 24, 2009
3 5
Shooting someone in the head with a firearm in a manner that results in brain matter splattering everywhere
I'm about to give that mother fucker a bubble to the dome piece.

Person A: Hey, I think that guy is talking about your mom
Person B: *shoots mom talking son of a bitch in the head, effectively ending his life*
by Penguin156 August 24, 2009
0 3