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making something do what it wouldn't ordinarily do by itself.
he was exhausted but as she began to manipulate his squishy penis it began to rise to a new occasion.
he said no at first but then she began to slowly but surely manipulate his feelings to turn it around
by Pebbles Marin April 28, 2005
verb: swift hand movement on the penis
she wang his thang and good
by Pebbles Marin March 03, 2005
one who allows the mass between his ears to boil, soften and become mashed.
Smart? Oh really? Well, I think he is just a potato head.
by Pebbles Marin March 06, 2005
rapid but faint manipulation of the nipple
he flit her tit with the tip of his tongue
by Pebbles Marin March 03, 2005

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