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One who listens to power/heavy metal bands, which emphasise on "gay leather" themes* - lyrics, attire, etc.
*Typically fantasy depicted themes, but on their album covers, they're depicted as homosexuals in leather, w/ additional swords, and shields - something typical in an S&M homosexual pornography.
Manowar are a prominent 'gay leather' metal band. They're known for their S&M attires, 'gay leather' lyrics, which have redundant references to the word "sword".
by Paul Phoenix January 12, 2006
ROFLZ is a well-known Internet acronym for 'Rolling on floor laughing'.
Since its popularisation, several extended variations have been established -- 'ROFLZBURGER', which is the state of 'Rolling on floor laughing whilst consuming a hamburger -- or hanzburger'.
The additional 'BURGER' extension is merely for intensification purposes - Beyond 'rofl' to a large degree. And it's typically utilised in a 'extremely' hilarious situation.
"Hey, that wombat just ate my leg!"

"ROFLZBURGER" (Man rolls on floor laughing whilst consuming a hamburger)

by Paul Phoenix January 15, 2006
1. Characterized by strong feelings of pleasure reserved exclusively to the arm, accompained in the process of ejaculation.
Liam loves to give himself armgasms every Friday night.
by Paul Phoenix April 15, 2008
Simply means that you don't know what you're talking about. (Term fabricated by a naive, and ignorant 13 year old).
"U HAVE LIKE NO RECULATION OF EMO" - Implying that you don't know what you're talking.
by Paul Phoenix January 07, 2006
The state of being foshizzle.
"Hey, watup - foshizzle to tha e-dizzle, mah nizzle"
by Paul Phoenix January 13, 2006
The process of being snaked - i.e. being deceived and/or being stealthy, sneaky etc.
"Fuck man, I just endured legitimate snakeage"
by Paul Phoenix March 24, 2006
One who's connected with Broadband internet. The individual is then therefore referred as a broadbandian.
"Hey mate, are you a Broadbandian?" -- Broadbandian

"Nah, sorry mate. I'm connected with an inferior internet service - dialup." -- Dialupper
by Paul Phoenix January 20, 2006

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