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ROFLZ is a well-known Internet acronym for 'Rolling on floor laughing'.
Since its popularisation, several extended variations have been established -- 'ROFLZBURGER', which is the state of 'Rolling on floor laughing whilst consuming a hamburger -- or hanzburger'.
The additional 'BURGER' extension is merely for intensification purposes - Beyond 'rofl' to a large degree. And it's typically utilised in a 'extremely' hilarious situation.
"Hey, that wombat just ate my leg!"

"ROFLZBURGER" (Man rolls on floor laughing whilst consuming a hamburger)

#lol #lmao #rofl #clown #haha
by Paul Phoenix January 15, 2006
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Ben ROFLZburger.
Multiple Super Bowl Winning QB for the Pittsburgh Stillers.
Also know as 'BIG BEN'.
Also known for his off the field ROFLZ.
Did you see ROFLZBURGER lead that 4th quarter comeback?!!1


#roflz #lol #lmao #roflmao #zomg
by Hey Holmes! December 06, 2010
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