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A passionate fan of various elements of geek culture (e.g. sci-fi, comics, Star Wars, video games, anime, hobbits, Magic: the Gathering, etc.), but who lets his passion override social graces.
At the mall I almost got mowed over by some Dragonball Z fanboy on his skateboard.
by Paul Horn August 22, 2003
Ugly person, esp. female. Can be shortened to "hoda" if you're in a hurry.
I was checking out this gal from behind but when she turned around, she was a total hodabeast. I had to rinse my eyes with Lysol.
by Paul Horn August 04, 2003
Heavy petting, making out, grabby hands, but not intercourse. Emphasis on copious open-mouth kissing and tongue action.
On the way back from the movie I saw my best friend and his date haunching in the back seat.
by Paul Horn August 22, 2003
A despicable person, oft times also a grungy person. Synonymous with the insult "douche-bag."
That greasy haired spode at the bar just grabbed my girlfriend's butt!
by Paul Horn August 04, 2003
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