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3 definitions by Patrick McKiernan

something, quite easily that is a mixture of relevant to a conversation or situation. whilst also being fantastic
"hey jim, that girl you raped is mute and can only give testimony through sign language"
"well, if we cut of her hands she'll not be able to give her testimony and you could get off scott free"
"holy heck phil, thats relevantastic
by Patrick McKiernan April 07, 2008
2 1
exclamation of something being extremely cool even when it's a bit crap.
hey jack, a dog just took a dump right outside our house. wanna go smell it?

billy, that would be so totally thraz
by Patrick McKiernan April 03, 2008
4 3
Used to cut down someone who is either saying something simple or acting in a simple way and wanting you to respond
"hey dad, do you think anyone gives the tooth fairy money when she loses a tooth?"
"very good son. Coconut"
by Patrick McKiernan October 09, 2008
3 4