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A colloquialism; literally, Peter Kovacs. We still love you, Petey. Just don't sit next to me.
Oh, now he's Piss-Pot Pete as well! Someone get a paper towel!
by Pat-rot January 26, 2004
Hebrew for adversary. Used to mean any enemy of the Will of God. Often misunderstood to literally mean a guy who rules a pit in the earth and has horns and stuff.
Is there really a Satan?
by Pat-rot January 26, 2004
A nice town in central Massachusetts with a bustling tourist trade. Site of trials (and executions) in Salem Witch Hysteria. Interesting note: the actual hysteria took place a bit northwards, in what is now Danvers. They're not proud.
Wow, this is a nice little place after all! Might want to settle down.
by Pat-rot January 26, 2004
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