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a rather sexy but extremely dumbass man.

gets hurt alot, but continues funneling mickeys and jumping off high places.

crazy but cool
"yo! that guy is such a kovacs!"

"did you see kovacs jump in that fire!?!"

"i want kovacs in my panties!"
by gee hee hee February 20, 2007
From Croatia ...

Foreign visitor, someone who came from the 5 elements Air, Earth, Water, Fire ....

(pronounce k-o-v-a-sh/ch)
Dr. kovac (ER. Character played by Goran Visnjic)

Dog Name Kovac (k)
Soccer Player Robert Kovac
by the_proud_dog_owner_of_kovack February 12, 2010
kovac is a gay individual who also likes animals more than any human should(they like them sexualy)
that guy is such a kovac
by riggamortis May 20, 2009
a very gay male whos strangly attracted to fish, but not limited to horses, daynas, queers, and ryan porters
Tim: hey did you see kovacs

Jeremy: you mean the horse fucker? yes i viewed this astounding sight while watching him beat of a Ryan porter
by Jem I.C. April 10, 2009
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