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A place where racism is most evident. Almost all night clubs stop any dark skinned guy saying 'couples only' or 'reservation required' by the bouncer, while white guys just walks in. Job advertisements specifically indicate nationalities they will consider.
Indian guy approaching the night club door, in dubai city.
Bouncer: "Where are you going? It's couples only."
Indian guy: "Then how those white guys are just walking in."
Bouncer: "They are members of this club."
Indian guy: "Okay, how can I get a membership?"
Bouncer: "It's closed, we are not accepting anymore members."

Job advertisement in dubai city: Wanted HR Manager -- US/UK/SA/EUR/NZL/AUS Only!
by Parthan December 13, 2007
Malayalam name for a kind of sardine species fish. Its good to fry (not breaded shit) and curry.
Kappa and chaala curry is a good combination...
by Parthan October 14, 2007

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