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An SNES emulator which is more stable than ZSNES and runs just as well, if not better.
"ZSNES is the Windows of SNES emulation -- Piece of shit! Use Snes9x instead, like a REAL pirate"
by Parasyte January 28, 2003
Commonly spewed by AOL'ers after another AOL'er says something even too stupid for the average AOL'er.
AOL'er 1: I LOVE ZSNES!!!!111111111
AOL'er 2: ROTFLMFAOASTD!!!!!!!!111111111111111111
by Parasyte January 28, 2003
What one says after intentionally bashing his\her self. See Parasyte.
Person 1: OMFFG! Did you see what Parasyte wrote about himself?!
Person 2: OMFFFFG!!! SO FUNNY!
by Parasyte January 28, 2003
People with more bad taste than brains, commonly fans of Dragonball Z.
Anyone who likes Windows contributes to the Stupidity of the Masses.
by Parasyte January 28, 2003
Name of the man with the smallest penis on the planet. Much smaller than bgm.
Girl 1: His penis was tiny! Like, 8 Parasyte's.
Girl 2: Whoa, that's like 0.008 nanometers, right?
by Parasyte January 28, 2003
Very popular and very shitty SNES emulator which does injustice to the The Last Great Console. Used by the Stupidity of the Masses.
ROM Hacker 1: FUCKING FUCK! ZSNES just fucking crashed again! What a piece of shit
ROM Hacker 2: Yeah, no kidding! Fuck ZSNES
ROM Hacker 1: haha! Dumbass.
by Parasyte January 28, 2003
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