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Background Music.
This movie scene has an excellent BGM.
by AYB February 26, 2003
203 64
Bands Gone Mainstream Syndrome
BGMS examples:
Bob Dylan
Green Day
My Chemical Romance
Ozzy Osbourne
Red Hot Chili Peppers
The Rolling Stones
by snuku January 10, 2011
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BGM stands for Big Gay Monster(s)-- gay guys with gigantic bodies and annoying female tempers. Sometimes with excessive amount of caking on their faces.
Damn..I feel really uncomfortable sitting in between these two BGM(s); I feel tons of lard descend upon me.
by Coolie666 April 09, 2009
1 3
ball gagged midget
the coolest thing to have when you are at a party is a bgm to bring you you drinks
by yobtaf July 10, 2008
41 58
BGM is an acronym which represents the phrase, "Big Gay Monster." Big Gay Monsters are typically men who are homosexually oriented and obese. They have been spotted roaming most major cities of the world.
"It's not bad that he's gay, but his obesity is sure to soften the dick of a potential mate. Such is the life of a BGM."
by ohhjorge April 08, 2009
24 63
A Mike whos pleasures tend to lean on the Big Gay side.
YO BGM! Said you'd get whacked fo' the straw and water thang!
by Rach Tee July 13, 2004
5 64
Name of the individual with the smallest, pointiest, unattractive penis on the planet. Often used when comparing other penis sizes.
Girl 1: His penis was huge! Probably almost 5.04 * 10²³ of a BGM!
Girl 2: Whoa, that's almost 6 inches right?
by anonymous January 27, 2003
6 67