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Chapass is a condition that arises when: A: you have diarrhead so many times and wiped your anus raw, or B: when you forget to wipe your ass and walk around for the day. The end result is a sore and chafed ass that persists for 2 days at the least.
Chapass dont go away in one day!
by PapaT October 31, 2006
A baby miraculously conceived through anal intercourse. The sperm, possibly through osmossis, makes its way to the baby-maker, where the fetus develops. The baby, then, travels back into the ass, where it is born through the butthole, presumably covered in shit.

That chud baby smells like shit. Throw it in the trash.
by PapaT November 01, 2006
a lameability, like a useless superpower
my friend has a stuporpower, she has this special talent of inventing things and ideas, then never acting on them, a useless superpower probably induced by too much 420! What a lameability.
by papaT March 14, 2014
One of your friends who is under 5'5'', and has the face of a baby. Generally, they are stubby and have sausage fingers. They drink often in order to obviate their self-esteem issues pertaining to their infantile appearance.
What up afetus, lets go ride a roller coaster. O, nevermind, you are too short.
Damn, afetus you scare the ladies with those little sausages.
by PapaT November 01, 2006

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