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An fancily dressed gentleman, also called "dandy"
Zorro's disguise as a fop was brilliant.
by paljoey October 03, 2003
A persistent, iritating critic.
A gadfly journalist always tries to expose and provoke reform.
by paljoey October 01, 2003
excessively decorated with glitter and shiny objects
The news channel broadcast from a very glitzy set, using flashy graphics.
by paljoey October 01, 2003
doily, especially as used to prevent men's brilliantine (macassar) from staining upholstered furniture
There were crocheted antimacassars on the headrests of the train seats
by Paljoey September 28, 2003
A ragamuffin, or street urchin. One wearing ragged clothes.
by paljoey October 03, 2003
peers, friends or neighbors, even family, often used with kin
He was no kith nor kin to me.
by paljoey October 02, 2003
null, zero, nothing (now archaic); sometimes written as "aught"
Six plus ought equals six.
by paljoey October 04, 2003

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