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Inconherent insult you say when your too hungover to say something that actually makes sense.

Anhcnarad Rabagam also used.
Donnie: Pa watch the fuckin magabar Daranchna over there?
Pa: that WHAT?
Donnie: ahhhhh fuck, yano......the magabar........daranchna
Pa: .......
by PaMcD November 30, 2009
Milk that comes from a carton that goes off on your birthday.
kip: oh nice one, this is my birthday milk
Pa: ya wont be sayin that when you drink it on your birthday
by PaMcD January 29, 2009
A Snacko Fry is Snack box with a taco fry meat+sauce on top.

Usually requested from Supermacs.
Jod: i wouldnt mind a taco fry.
Pa: Im gettin a Snacko fry.
Jod: a snacko fry would be puuuuuuuuure.
by PaMcD April 02, 2010
A Girl who obviously doesnt take care of her weight
there's a serious amount of salid dodgers at this party, lets get the fuck outta here
by PaMcD August 10, 2008

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