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5 definitions by PSYCH0

A rare condition in which your feet take on the appearence of monkey feet.
"Mommy, what's wrong with that lady's feet?"
"Hunny, don't stare, she has niggerfoot."
by PSYCH0 October 19, 2006
31 17
A loose smelly twat.
Eric: "What's a bajanka!?"
Ashlee: "My loose smelly twat."
by PSYCH0 August 31, 2006
13 7
The act of eating a girl's pussy after cumming in it, causing cum bubbles to form in the vaginal cavity.
Man, I was eating my girl's pussy and I realized I was bubble blowing, because I had just shot my load in her. I almost gagged.
by PSYCH0 September 06, 2006
11 10
One who sniffs shit and enjoys it.
Eric : "What are you doing with your head in the toilet"
John: "Smelling this turd"
Eric: "Holy crap, you're such a damn shniffer!"
by PSYCH0 September 02, 2006
5 4
The act of intercourse with a girl who is loose, and odorous.
Eric: "Mike, I can't believe you bajanked her.."
Mike: "I know man, it makes me sick, now."
by PSYCH0 August 31, 2006
3 4