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That boy that squeeze hammers.
Human Crack in the Flesh.

19 yr old kid killin the streets right now. Ye hes back like cooked crack.
Santana's that boy that squeeze hammers AY! CHYEA CHYEA!
by PSXy April 09, 2005
His name is Juelz Santana. Just as Christ brought the Word of God to the people; Juelz brings us that CRACK fore he is crack; crack in the motherfuckin flesh.
Rev. Juelz: That aint no music u supposed to be listenin' to
12 yr old Disciple: C'mon man, it's that crack right there.
Juelz: Crack? Whatchu know about crack? U dunno nuthin about no crack.
Disciple: Oh?! I Know Santana got that Crack!

! S A N T A N A !
by PSxy May 09, 2005
You know wat I mean?
Yo that nigga aint go that crack, nasnaskanameani? Where's that boy Juelz? I know Santana got that crack.
by PSXy April 25, 2005
That thing thas real good
Damn nucka that bitch is fo sho fire. I wanna get that ass clappin like Pakistan.
by PSXy April 09, 2005
Used in the 80's to identify a person. Now only homo people from the west coast use it. West coast people also known as HOMO THUGS
I b from the west foo i b whack foo
by PSXy April 09, 2005
Its that dumbass motherfucker that says stupid ass shit and acts like a moron... STOP DOIN THAT! U AINT GOT NO FRIENDS GO HOME!
Fuck that nigga hes a cornball he still thinks pac is alive. THAT NIGGA IS DEAD. PUFF SHOT HIM. THATS REAL.
by PSXy April 13, 2005
Big PUNISHER (R.I.P) - word
"Big PUN still got wat u lookin 4! UPTOWN BABY UPTOWN!"
by PSXy April 13, 2005

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