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Peeing in someones mouth and feeling their penis in the shower wile having your friend shoot a movie of you
I went into the shower and gave her a doulb penis as a friend of mine shot a movie of us
by PENISinYOURmouth January 25, 2005
the act of actually being a hooker in public or performing multiple sexual favors to multiple persons
I heard Susie was out hookering one night and she let someone give her a dirt sanchez
by penisinyourmouth March 06, 2005
The thing that hangs between your legs that people like to have sex with. Very good for peeing wile your having sex and good to suck on.Any by the way, did i forget to say it's the BEST FUCKING THING IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can i suck your little fucking penis?
by PENISinYOURmouth January 27, 2005
the part of your body that give you a pee in the shower as you aim for a shampoo tagret
Do you want to go in the shower and have some sex?
Sure. As long as we can aim at a shampoo target.
And pee all over each other and suck each others penis.
Sure! Why Not?
by PENISinYOURmouth January 24, 2005
When you cut off a womens penis and stick it in a pipe and smoke it
Karren: No! Please don't cut of my penis! I need it to pee! Remember?!

Jonh: I don't care! I'm really up for a smoke of your cock! Say another word and ill cut off your boobs and drink their milk aswell!
by PENISinYOURmouth January 25, 2005
1. Boobs or tits
2. A penis cock or dick to suck on and to fuck.
3. A ass or a butt they can also fuck.
4. To see girls pee, poop and get naked.

and the final things a guy can want......

:-D ********SEX**PORN**SEX********
God, I have evey thing a guy can want
by PENISinYOURmouth January 31, 2005
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