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every mans dream, hard to get but when you can they are usually wild and have short skirts
The catholic girls snuck out of the house.
by pdiddy April 24, 2003
the act of water shooting back up your ass after dropping a huge log off in the bowl.
When explosive diahreah strikes, a plunkette can quickly extinguish that intense rectal burning.
by PDiddy October 27, 2004
The abbreviated version of telling someone to fuck themself twice
"Dude. (5 second Pause) Fwice."
by Pdiddy January 20, 2004
Kathryn doesn't have a dog and I do and she has ducky shoes. Her pay back towards me is saying Caw.
Wow kathryn can you keep me because your beautiful adorable funny spontanious unpredictable please woofack!
by Pdiddy December 25, 2004
The flap of skin, in males, between the scrotum and the anus, which can be used for various things such as clipping flashing lights to. Grundlesac's can vary in size from droopy to so small that they can barely be noticed.
Damn Alex, that is so sweet how you can clip that pulsing belly button ring to your giant grundlesac.
by pdiddy July 12, 2004
A combination of "shit-yeah" and "damn-right." usually reffering to total concurrence with a presented plan or idea.
Guy one: "Dude, I'm hungry, let's order some pizza and get some hoes over here."
Guy two: "shit-right!!"
by Pdiddy November 26, 2003
To enroll in a class, show up to the first two months of the class, then willingly withdrawal from the class. Oftentimes a person is inclinded to reichmanning the same class over and over again.
Ya you know, I was gonna graduate early, but then I had to take quantum physics, and all I could do was Reichmann it.
by PDiddy March 28, 2005

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