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4 definitions by PAR

An extreme donkey punch; when having anal sex a man punches a woman to instigate the clenching of her anus. In this case the punches are particlarly brutal, causing the woman to clench so tightly that the man's penis is actually transformed to diamond.
She said she liked it rough, so I diamond dicked her until she lost a tooth.
by PAR April 26, 2006
The Detroit Pistons, particularly of the current era (2002-present). Pronounced 'stons' (as in cons or dons) rather than stuns.
Miami fan #1: "Are you watching the Heat play tonight?"

Miami fan #2: "No, they're playing the 'stons and I don't want to watch us get totally exposed."
by PAR April 27, 2006
Chinese pussy; like poontang but with the not so clever substitution of the common Chinese surname Chang.
Chinatown smells like rotten fish, but it makes up for it with all the hot poonchang walking around.
by PAR February 28, 2008
Another extension of the rofl root. Online abbreviation for 'rolling on floor laughing 'til I cough up blood.'
Chatter 1: Yesterday I sharted my pants at the mall

by PAR July 10, 2008