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The Detroit Pistons, particularly of the current era (2002-present). Pronounced 'stons' (as in cons or dons) rather than stuns.
Miami fan #1: "Are you watching the Heat play tonight?"

Miami fan #2: "No, they're playing the 'stons and I don't want to watch us get totally exposed."
by PAR April 27, 2006
Derived from the ending of sophisticated names such as Budston, Winston, and Johnston, the word ston can be used to name a person who is superior to others. Additionally, it can be used to describe someone that is extremely special to you.
Your best friend is your ston.
by Ron Mercer January 28, 2010
A cigarette.
WTF I one ston left.
by TRIZZO March 05, 2009
breast,generally called in bengali,an utmost attractive thing for men in women body.
ore magitar tastase ston ta dekh!!chuse sab ras kheye nite ichhe kore!
by mai chosok July 14, 2006