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5 definitions by P-faff

A terrible, fearsome creature that inhabits the Galapagos Islands. Discovered by nature show hosts Ren and Stimpy, the creature is known for its large blue nose, small brain, and its distinctive call of "Happy, Happy. Joy, Joy".
In June of '93, I had my left nostril bitten off by a Crocostimpy.
by P-faff August 12, 2006
A group of overweight,dedicated Chicago Sports team fans. Devoted to da Bears and da Bulls. They were once honored by the presence of Michael Jordan, with whom they hula danced.
Superfans Brain Teasers:

Superfan #1: Who would win in a fight, between Ditka, and God?

Superfan #2: That's a trick question there Bob. Ditka IS God.

Superfan #1: Who would win if the Bears' team bus was in the Indianappolis 500?

Superfan #2: Who's driving the bus?

Superfan #1: Ditka's driving the bus.

Superfan #2: Da Bears would win.
by P-faff August 12, 2006
A street-style football game produced by EA Sports. Features exaggerated physics, resulting in huge hits, and super high jumps. Produced by EA Tiburon in Maitland, Florida
Dude, I totally whipped ass on NFL Street last night.
by P-faff August 12, 2006
A synonym of Crap. It is the fecal matter that is ejected from the anus.
Don't go in the bathroom. I just sat down and took a huge blinn in there...
by P-faff August 14, 2006
A studio in the EA Sports family. Located in Maitland, Florida, Tiburon produces and develops such games as NFL Street, Madden NFL, NCAA Football, NFL Head Coach, Superman, and others. Home of the best QA department in the video game industry.
Working for EA Tiburon is the dream of many game fanatics.
by P-faff August 12, 2006