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When someone, or some people get owned so badly at a game, saying they were owned doesn't fully describe the pure ownage of their loss.
guy 1: we totally owned their asses!
guy 2: yeah we owniginated them, lol!
by Owniginator October 16, 2007
To own someone else on a game so much, the word own is not enough to describe the greatness
1: d00d, u totally own at this game
2: no, i owniginate this game!
by Owniginator October 16, 2007
someone who owns so much at a game, there is only one word that can describe their greatness
1: d00d, that guy just 0wn3d a team of 3 on his own!
2: He is the owniginator!
by Owniginator October 16, 2007
The nickname for any guy called Laurence, which is derived from calling him Florence, which becomes flow-dry and then flo-dri. flan-dri can also be used

laurence: hows it goin m8
other guy: wassup flo-dri


laurence: you are a bell end
other guy: shut up u flan-dri
by Owniginator October 17, 2007

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