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3 definitions by Ownagepl0x

the Emo Flip is when someone with usually longer hair flips his head to one or the other side in a attempt to move his hair out of his eyes.

other ways to use emo flip is to find out if someone is a poser or not =]
Emo kid: wow ur a poser..
poser: no im not dont u see the hair??
Emo kid: ya but u used the emo flip at least 10 times in the last 5 secounds...
poser: so = =
Emo kid: ownage...ftw.
by Ownagepl0x December 12, 2007
the Emo flip is when someone usually someone with longer hair has it in there eyes and flips it to the side... it depends on what side the hair is at, for then they can flip it that way
Bob:wow look at that emo kid
Jade:ya dude he has long hair
Bob:lolllllll see that emo flip??
Jade:ermmm i think hes using that to much...
Bob: hrmmm ya your right he did that at least 5 times now..
Jade:hes getting owned by his own hair...
by Ownagepl0x December 12, 2007
highly used as "for the win" usually in online games or at the end of a sentence to make it more manly. But another way it can be used is as in Fuh Tuh Wuh! a cool sounding for the win
Roar: dude we are owning this kid ftw!
1337: ya i know man fuh tuh wuh!
Roar: wha..????
1337: nub.. u dont know what fuh tuh wuh is!!
Roar: nope = oh well fuh tuh wuh anyways!!!
by Ownagepl0x December 12, 2007