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Believe it or not this actually results in murder. Some people honestly have a weakness to names and are physically hurt by them. People will not only be willing to hurt you, but willing to eventually kill you if you continue to call them names and/or say stuff about them.

This comes from the aspect of pride where you shouldn't tolerate things people do to you that you don't like. But when there goal is obviously just to make you mad, by getting mad it gives them what they want. The only way your gonna let some words bother you that much is if you have low self esteem

Now last time I checked the only force that words have come from the air pressure that leaves your mouth. How badly you let names bother you is YOUR fault. There is no command someone can say that will make you automatically attack them against your will. People seriously try to justify attacking somebody or vandalizing there property, or even irrelevant violence because they were called names.

When are people gonna realize that it's not what they call you it's what you answer to?
Name calling is involved in 67% of murders in the United States
by Optical_Epilepsy July 19, 2010
Proof that Sony is getting desperate, does not have any sort of honor, and can't be original anymore. In case you could not tell, the Playstation Move is nothing more than a Wiimote with a ball on top. It's as close to copyright infringment as you can get.
The Playstation Move makes me want to cry
by Optical_Epilepsy April 30, 2011
The people we hate when we are breaking the law, but the people we love when the wrong people go crazy.
I hate cops when I get pulled over, but love cops when im at the mall and some crazy guy is killing people with an AK-47
by Optical_Epilepsy April 22, 2011
This is a test performed on somebody who is not replying to your text messages or has broken the 24 hour reply rule.

The test is to wait a MINIMUM OF 168 HOURS (this is very important) after the last time you sent them a text, and then send them a very universal conversation starter.

If they break the 24 hour reply rule again, then you have proven that they do not want to text you. That's because the chance of them coincidentally not having 15 seconds of time to reply to your text in 2 24 hour periods that are a week apart (assuming they have access and service to their phone) is less than 1 in a billion.

The only possible way this can be the case is if their phone is physically removed from their possession or destroyed. Although this is quite possible, if you keep in touch with the person through other means (facebook, myspace, or especially a face to face conversation) you can find out for sure.
Peter: Damn this girl ain't texting me back, wow

Steve: Has it been 24 hours since you last texted her?

Peter: Yea, why?

Steve: Do the 7 day reply test, wait a week and send her a conversation starter if she doesn't reply 24 hours after that then her phone must be lost/stolen/broken or she ain't tryna text you
by Optical_Epilepsy September 02, 2010
This is when somebody argues by DEFLECTING anything said against them.

They will NEVER address any issues brought against them or their point but will instantly bring something else up to change the subject

Deflective racists use this tactic whenever a situation/fact is brought up that goes against there beliefs

People do this because they know damn well if they try to address the issue or stay relevant to it, there entire argument will get derailed
deflective arguing
by Optical_Epilepsy July 19, 2010
When a person who normally spells everything correctly, using proper grammar and punctuation, decides to send messages that heavily use slang, shortened spelling (u instead of you,) and little if any punctuation so the person they are texting will stick around long enough to get to know them.

This is commonly used by men who are trying to get with woman who are attractive, but are not interested in men who come off as nerdy, proper, and useful to society.

ILLITERATED DEFINITION: w3n dey talk l1ke a c00l p3rson
I used the example for illiterated texting in the definition
by Optical_Epilepsy March 16, 2011
Reading a text, email, or any other type of online message and deleting it without replying

This means that you obviously don't want to have any type of communication with who/whatever sent you the message.

If you question whether somebody is readeleting your messages, stick to the 24 hour reply rule and the 7 day reply rule
Steve: I sent this bitch 15 messages over the last 2 weeks and she ain't replying....

Dan: She's giving your messages the good old readelete, just let it go man
by Optical_Epilepsy September 02, 2010

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