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When you send somebody a text message and they do not reply within 24 hours there is a 95% chance that they readeleted your text and have willfully chosen not to reply

There is a less than 5% chance that they have lost their phone/phone was stolen, have been busy for a full 24 hours (so they couldn't even use their phone for 5 seconds, cause that's all it takes) or sent the message but the "delivery failed".

If it has been 24 hours and they have not replied, that's when you begin the 7 day reply test to confirm whether they want to text you or not.
Dan: Why have you been looking at your phone so much?

Steve: I'm waiting on Leann to reply

Dan: How long has it been since u sent her a text?

Steve: More than 24 hours.....

Dan: Don't you know the 24 hour reply rule? She more than likely readeleted your text man, do the 7 day reply test to see if she really wants to text you
by Optical_Epilepsy September 02, 2010
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