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paris hilton

Some whore who thinks she can do anything because of her last name. She thinks she can sing but we all know it's computerized. She is the idol of 10-15 year old whores everywhere and her funeral will be a big fiesta
paris hilton should just change her name to ''I'm'' and ''a douchebag''
by Operation: Douchebag August 19, 2006
you suck on a lollipop

A insult word used for kids between the grades of K-5

Me in 4th grade: you suck on a lollipop

Me today: You suck wicked ass
by Operation: Douchebag August 23, 2006
A usless expression started by God who knows, just to annoy the hell out of us
''What did you do last night?''

''your mom''
by Operation: Douchebag July 29, 2006

A word in German that means ''above'' or ''over'' but now is slang and is used in every sentence
John is a uber fag

uber is a very funny word
by Operation: Douchebag August 04, 2006
A big pussy who was good looking at one point but now looks like Aaron Carter on crack. He is in the Harry Potter movies.
Person 1: Isn't tomfelton hot?

Me: Fuck no! I'd rather date Jack Black
by Operation: Douchebag August 23, 2006
Those bits of cherry flesh you use to talk,scream,kiss,and be a douchebag with
That girl's got some nice lips
by Operation: Douchebag August 18, 2006
new hampshire
The WORST fucking state to live in. I hope whoever discovered this fucking state is burning in hell. This state is full of rednecks and people who think they are better than everyone else. All the people call us massholes but excuse me? You people are the lowest form of life that has been my misfourtune to know. If it wasn't for Massachusetts (and an Italian guy) this country wouldn't exist but anyways this state sucks complete ass and no wonder why everyone hates it
sure new hampshires great if you like to ruin your kids social life and see a bunch of Latinos
by Operation: Douchebag August 19, 2006

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