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Yet another example of noun verbing, starbucking describes an action anciently known as "going out for coffee".
The verb probably originates from some shopping-mall in Seattle, but is now widely used around the world, in the most diverse places, though almost always by college educated twenty somethings who are always broke but don't mind paying fortunes for useful things like coffee and white mp3 players.
Starbucking: Like, when I was in Beijing, I so totally starbucked in the Forbidden City.
by Onigiri December 19, 2005
The new-new-new man, ideal male for the second half of the 00 decade, the überman is manly, in a Clint Eastwood, Sean Connery, etc. way, but still takes care of himself and is capable of keeping in touch with his feminine site.

Contrary to the metrosexual, the übermale won't be mistaken for a gay guy, though guys and girls will swoon over him.
- George Clooney is SUCH a good example of the übermale.
- Um. Didn't he get divorced recently?
by Onigiri December 19, 2005

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