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/V/ to have a one way conversation; allow no collaboration
I really don't want to go out with her and listen to her talk at me all night
by Oneandonlypeacock April 22, 2010
/N/ curls that a Hasidic Jew grows over the temple region of the face-piece, usually very obvious; they are let grow to great lengths
my shaboingles are flowing in the breeze, thanks to the new harley my wife bought.
by Oneandonlypeacock April 28, 2010
/N/ vagina; mouth-like opening that is meant to contain a penis
that is a nasty venus penis trap

Her venus penis trap was so tight, my fly dissolved in twelve minutes
by Oneandonlypeacock May 24, 2010
/N/ A girl that does not swallow
Dude, I wish you had told me she was a vegetarian, cuz now she's walking around with one eye sealed shut
by Oneandonlypeacock April 28, 2010

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