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6 definitions by One_less_fool

Pronounciation: (Ha - frik- an)
A slang term for having one parent that was born in africa. Basically, being half-african. This term has absolutely nothing to do with skin color, only place of birth.
Example: "I have a friend that is halfrican. His parent's parents were missionaries in Africa."
by One_less_fool February 19, 2010
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(Prounounced f-wop)

A fwop is a wayward section of hair that flaps on someone's forehead, seperate from the rest of the hair. Usually occurs with older men who have fairly long,shaggy hair - even though they are slightly balding.
Example: " Man, that old guy's fwop drives me insane. I just wanna go over there and comb it back. "
by One_less_fool February 11, 2010
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A lot like pounds, kilograms, liters, inches, or centimeters, Smiths is a measure for units of fun in a classroom setting. It is used to rate a classes' level of fun. Zero Smiths would be a unbearably boring class, while ten Smiths would be an extremely fun class.
Example: " I would rate the physics class I'm in right now ten Smiths. It's a really fun, easy class."
by One_less_fool February 11, 2010
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Usually Pajamas. can also be raggedy clothes. Comes from the "grungie" look that the clothes give the person.

*mother* "Change out of your grum grums dear. You look most unpresentable.
by One_less_fool February 10, 2010
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Prounced ( eel - ee ). Plural ( illees)

Short for illegal alien or illegal immigrant
Boring Teacher - " Illegal immigration is a problem for some countries. "

1st kid - " Does she mean illees? "

2nd kid - " Yeah, that's what she means. "
by One_less_fool February 03, 2010
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Means cool, rad, attractive, impressive (ect).
Example: " Did you see that guys new car. It's real rida dide."
by One_less_fool February 11, 2010
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