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Someone that will beat your ass if you say "Welcome to Bangkok" anywhere near her.
Hapless bystander: Welcome to Bangkok!

Bjork: Gappa-Pdow!!!
by One Half January 04, 2006
A badass Libertarian radio talkshow host.

Contrary to popular belief, Neal Boortz is not a Republican. He is often mistaken for one due to his general lack of sympathy for the impoverished and his frequent use of the word "liberal". He is, in fact, a Libertarian, which is the only true political party; the other political parties are pick-and-choosers that become easily mired with propaganda, name-calling, or idiotic non-issues like gay marriage. Boortz is just as likely to rag on stupid Republicans as he is on stupid Democrats.

Neal Boortz reviews the news every day with accuracy, then gives his opinion on the stories with contagious gusto. Doing this helps him to avoid a "slant" which is the buzz word of partisan freaks everywhere. He is usually backed by a guy that calls in every day from Capitol Hill, and he humbly accepts the other side of his arguments, usually provided by Royal and Belinda. He is also good about opening the phone lines and he will talk about anything with his callers from motorcycles and breasts to race and poverty.

One of his big hot-buttons is the so-called "Fair Tax Act". I haven't read the book that he has published on it yet, but many people have, and most of them seem to love it. But most people do love a book that suggests that the IRS be disestablished. I know I would.

All in all, a pretty likable guy that I listen to every day if I can. I wouldn't be sad if he was in the White House.
I was listening to Neal Boortz today. Most of the people who called in agree with his perspective. Those that didn't were disarmed with facts before they finished stating their little "opinions".
by One Half January 27, 2006
1. A definition on Urban Dictionary that, for some reason, seemed to prompt prepubescent, androgynous children to post hundreds of black and white pictures of themselves wearing too much gaudy makeup with their hair covering half of their faces, and tight black clothing with obscure bands written on the t-shirts.

2. A contest that involves seeing who can get their hair to cover the most of their faces, listen to the most obscure bands, and have the most "friends" on MySpace.
Look! A picture of a black/pink-haired 15 year old girl wearing too much makeup, net stockings with a ripped skirt, lip rings, and a t-shirt with an obscure band on it on Urban Dictionary! I wonder if she's "scene" or "emo", and how many friends she has on MySpace!
by One Half March 25, 2006
George W. Bush's personal attorney. Was nominated by Mr. Bush to take Sandra O'Connor's place as Supreme Court Justice so Bush could have an easier time getting unconstitutional laws passed, but she declined under heavy opposition from Democrats and Republicans alike. A major blemish on Mr. Bush's already pockmarked presidency.
Person 1: Bush's approval ratings are the lowest they've ever been!

Person 2: What do you expect? Turning a trillion-dollar surplus into a trillion-dollar deficit, the Katrina aftermath, the CIA leak scandal and crook Vice President, the 2000 dead soldiers, the snubbing of our Allies, the "internets", Osama still at large, and now Harriet Miers?

Person 1: Oh yeah...I'm starting to understand...
by One Half October 29, 2005
The act of putting a particularly loathsome criminal in a chair and then running enough electricity through the chair to kill it. Other methods include lethal injection, hanging, firing squads, and gas chambers.

An act that should be administered much, MUCH more frequently as it is a great way to curb our nation's problem with jail populations.

Oh and don't even bother telling me that "it costs more to put someone to death than to keep them alive on Death Row for 20 years." No, it doesn't. Let's do the math.

20 years of food and water + court costs and lawyer fees = Lots of money.

1 trial + 1 last meal + 1 bullet = A lot less money.

And what you "economists" don't realize is that we're putting people to death AFTER they've been on Death Row for 20 years! So it doesn't matter which one costs more, because the taxpayers are paying for both.
Oh and for the rest of you that say "The Death Penalty is not a deterrent." That's because we don't administer it enough. Start putting all child rapists and murderers to death immediately after the trial, and watch the crime rate drop since most child rapists and murderers are repeat offenders.
by One Half January 07, 2006
This is the slang name in the card game of spades for when you set your opponent in one hand, then make them lose 100 points for going over on bags in the next. A usual okie doke results in a loss of 150 to 180 points.
We bid 5 tricks, but only took 4, and we already had 8 overbooks. Then on the next hand, we took 2 bags. We lost 150 points in 2 hands. Man, I hate getting the okie doke.
by One Half November 22, 2005
Used by the Final Fantasy franchise to corral some customers back. Was originally supposed to be released in the fall 2003, but as of now, downloading it illegally is the only way it can be viewed.

Final Fantasy 7 was the first game in the series to be featured on PlayStation. In a bid to appeal to more gamers, the series deviated from more medieval settings and characters to settings and characters reminiscent of anime, which was gaining popularity around the late 90s. Cloud's spiky hair and superhuman strength reeks of DragonBallZ, Tifa's enormous breasts reek of hentai, and Red XIII's talking animalhood reeks of Pokemon. Consequently, Final Fantasy went from having a fanbase of 1,000 to 1,000,000 overnight.

Compounding the effect was the fact that the internet and online message boards and chats were a new thing, so not only are there new fans, but they can easily converse about Final Fantasy 7, God's gift to gamers and anime aficionados. Eight years pass and the popularity of anime is now at epidemic levels, and Final Fantasy 7 is regarded by many as the best RPG ever. People are crying for a sequel.

Squaresoft is now in a tenuous position. Despite them throwing FF7 references and crossovers in every game, and despite the later titles being more in-synch with earlier titles, people didn't like Final Fantasy 8, 9, X or Tactics for the simple reason that they were not Final Fantasy 7. Everybody wants Final Fantasy 7-2. Square decides to give the fanboys and girls what they want, and Before Crisis, Dirge of Cerberus and Advent Children go into production. Rumors of a FF7 remake for PS3 are all over the internet. Square is officially in business again.

Advent Children, much as the game that inspired it, is an anime movie. Essentially, it is one long fight scene with a bit of plot mixed in. The only characters with a role are Cloud, Tifa and Vincent. Sephiroth, the main villain, makes a 90 second cameo to fight Cloud, and Red XIII, Cait Sith, Cid, Barret and Yuffie make 90 second cameos to fight Bahamut.

How exactly Sephiroth managed to come back is never explained; where Kadaj, Loz and Yazoo came from is never explained; how Kadaj became Sephiroth is never explained; the full story of Geostigma is never explained; the plot holes from the game were never covered up nor explained, and how Aeris and Zack continue to exist is not explained.

In short, it's a lot like the game.
If you like anime, you are a loser.

If you think Final Fantasy VII is the best game in the series, then it was obviously your first Final Fantasy and you have no idea what the series is about. You are a loser.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is nothing more than CG anime.

Hence, if you like Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, then you are a loser.
by One Half October 24, 2005

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