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Final Fantasy 7 character who steals materia. Also a random s/n on a forum...
Does this really need an example?
by Yuffie March 01, 2004
Yuffie is a secret player character from the PlayStation game Final Fantasy VII. The manual for Final Fantasy VII states that she is 16 years old and 5' 2" tall. Yuffie also makes appearances in the CGI movie Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, the cellphone game Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII and the PlayStation 2 games Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII and the Kingdom Hearts series. She also appears as a hidden character in the PlayStation game Ehrgeiz. In the English versions of Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy VII Advent Children, she is voiced by Christy Carlson Romano, while she is voiced by Mae Whitman in the English versions of Kingdom Hearts II and Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII. Including Ehrgeiz, Yumi Kakazu voices Yuffie in the Japanese versions of the Kingdom Hearts series and the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. She wears an outfit that appears to be the traditional garb of Wutai; she is the daughter of Wutai's ruler, Godo. She and her father disagree over the continuous trend of turning Wutai into a tourist attraction. However, after proving herself by beating the bosses of Wutai's Five Story Pagoda, her father begins to understand the reasoning behind her position. Her tendency toward motion sickness serves as something of a running gag throughout the game

She may have a crush on Vincent Valentine in Dirge of Cerberus
"Cunning and sly, she may look like a common thief, but Yuffie is a very skilled ninja..." FFVII the Complete Guide

"Well, I'm glad you asked! I am the champion of the earth and the sky. I am the conqueror of evil. The single white rose of Wutai. Yuffie Kisaragi!" -Yuffie (Dirge Of Cerberus (Chapter 5- Manor Of Despair))
by Sara Elisabeth Leine June 20, 2007
Young urban failure

a take-off of Yuppie, young urban professional
She was pregnant by 15 and dropped out of high school--just another yuffie.
by Anonymous April 03, 2003
The most ditsy of people
A wannabe ninja
A ditsy, wannabe ninja from Final Fantasy VII
Girl: I'm a ninja and you're not!
FFVII fanboy (me): Psh... Whatever, Yuffie!
by OurGorship April 05, 2008
Pronounced Yah-feeeee.
Slang for "The masters pet". A human pet often owned by an evil dark lord.!!!
by Anonymous March 20, 2003

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