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A wolf is the male version of a cougar. He is a middle aged man that is ruggedly attractive alpha male and usually preys on the younger defenseless animals. Generally has a very stylish appeal with slim fitting clothes such as blazers with an unbuttoned shirt and some light cologne. He has a very suave, charming and relaxed ambiance about him mixed in with a hypnotic yet aggressive/seductive gaze. Usual hunting grounds are places populated with young people such as bars or night clubs.
Girl 1: I went to the bar last night and this one guy wouldn't stop staring.
Girl 2: Was he cute?
Girl 1: Well he was an older man but yes. There was just something about him that pulled me to him.
Girl 2: Mmmmmm sounds like he was a wolf.

.Bradley Cooper looks like a wolf.
by OmegaO_o June 05, 2010
The equivalent of a flaming homo. Unlike their gay outgoing counterparts, freezing heteros are more uptight and contained or "cold" and seem to shove their heterosexuality in peoples faces while showing their contempt for homosexuals.
Man 1: So I heard you went to the club
Man 2: Yea it was great. There were so many hot girls and they were so sexy and I even saw two girls making out it was
Man 1: Sounds great
Man 2: Yea it was but then it was ruined when I got out. I saw two dudes making out it was nasty and is totally wrong.
Man 1: Man you are such a freezing hetero
by OmegaO_o June 05, 2010

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