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18 definitions by Oliver

When it feels like your heart has been ripped out droped kicked then had a full rugby team jumping up and down on it.
What happened to me and i tell you it hurts like you have no idea.
by Oliver December 26, 2004
Just a more creative and diverse way to say "shithead"
Rick:Damn! Tom is such a caca head!
Tom: Hey...fuck you...

*clearly caca head is more of an insult or come back than "fuck you"
by Oliver April 11, 2005
one superior in all forms of sport involving the consumption of beer (beer pong, card games, etc.)
Did you see that shot? I've never seen such a natural beerthlete.

I got a beerthletics scholarship to college today!
by Oliver June 26, 2004
A word used to describe places that facilitate the creation of Santorum. see Santorum
The City Counsel was upset when the Santorium announced its plans to expand.
by Oliver February 14, 2005
Kingersplash aka Dan King is a person who is most often seen in a state of anger usually related to alcohol. He also will resort to slapping people in the face with slabs of cooked or uncooked meat over the smallest issue. Kinersplash also has been known to chase women who prefer their high school aged boyfriends over him.
Kingersplash slapped Jason in the face with a steak.
by Oliver February 05, 2005
Similar to the common term "Pussy-whipped" except this person in fact does not receive any pussy. This person is on a leash so short they sometimes turn to the same sex for pleasure. Made popular by one Ryan J. Abbott.
Ryan is so straddle-whipped he refuses to hook up with anyone.
by Oliver February 05, 2005
Another kickass player who goes on YO|Clan
"He's just like Oliver he takes out the whole team"
"he trained Oliver so he is the master"
by oliver November 28, 2003