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The incredible letdown some folks experience when they realize Christmas is over
(typical Monday after Christmas office discussion)

Holy hell, why is Michelle ragging it with me?

It's not just you, she's got a bad case of postsantum depression.
by OldFart77 December 26, 2009
The intentional act of having too much income tax witheld from your pay, in order to get a big fat refund check at filing time.

Done by stupid people who don't realize they're giving the government an interest free loan all year.
Billy Bob: Got mah tax refund today - six hunnert some bucks!

Melissa: Ahhhh, you cashed in your redneck savings account.

Billy Bob: Huhhh?
by OldFart77 April 17, 2007
First used (?) in "Heathers" http://imdb.com/title/tt0097493/ , probably more close to meaning "well, I'll be damned" or "Well, kiss my ass".
Heather Chandler: Well, fuck me gently with a chainsaw. Do I look like Mother Theresa?
by OldFart77 December 11, 2006
The easiest way to summarize and define hardcore club hip-hop rap music: "Nigga-This-Fuck-That Music" as in, you will likely hear those phrases in this music. Contrast with pop / top 100 "dance music" like you typically get from Akon, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, etc.
||| Bar DJ plays "Poker Face"... |||

Dancin' babe: "Can you play Little Wayne, "Always Strapped"?

DJ: No

Babe: Why not?

DJ: This is a bar, it isn't a club.

Babe: But you just played Gaga, it's the same thing!

DJ: No, it isn't. One plays anywhere, the other is NTFT music, we don't play that here.
by OldFart77 March 17, 2009
The tiny particles of crud that are left on the bar, desk, or counter top when you are done checking "scratcher" lottery tickets. Named after the fact that most instant lottery tickets are losers, as are most people who count on them for a source of financial existance.
Angie wiped up the bar after Bob left.
Spilled beer, cigarette ashes, some loser dust, and 50 cents in change that wouldn't buy Bob another draft or scratcher. "fugging drunk loser asshole" she thought.
by OldFart77 November 03, 2007
An instant lottery ticket, sold everywhere. You scratch off the covering over numbers/symbols to see if the ticket wins any prizes.
It was a good night for Tom, 27 bucks in tips. He couldn't resist the instant lottery machine as he walked past, so he stuck in a 10 and bought five $2 scratchers.
by OldFart77 November 03, 2007
Giving credit for something, usually a line of dialogue, use of a word in a particular situation, or a concept. Giving props to the person you just quoted. Popularized in 90's Usenet newsgroup lingo, still used occasionally by old schoolers in the know.
so I said to him, 'if you ain't talkin' to me, who the fuck are you talin' to?" ($1 DeNiro)

Screw you guys, I'm goin home. ($1 Cartman)

So of course, while the car is stalled in the intersection, don't I get cited for obstructing a fire truck. ($1 Murphy's Law)

by OldFart77 November 28, 2007
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