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3 definitions by Odette

A semi-ghettofabulos female,a female with attitude, a girl that thinks she is all that, A conceited female. A female with an exaggerated sense of self-importantce
That girl really needs a reality check, she needs to get out of that Tyiesha mindframe.
by Odette March 05, 2008
27 36
a male who has rebellious tendencies, a spoil male, a child who is well loved, a fire child.
He just so Tosh, he does what he wants and gets away with it.
by Odette March 04, 2008
40 105
Praise worthy,a conceite educated female, a selfish person, a semi-gehtto fabulous person, a person that loves to eat out and cannot afford to, someone that thinks her name is from royalty. A person that thinks they should get everything they desire.
The mother told her daughter, I cannot stand the fact that you are acting like a Antoinette, you cannot have everything you want.
by Odette March 05, 2008
140 289