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The incorrect plural of the word 'octopus', using a Latin ending for a word ending in 'us', by replacing it with an 'i', as in 'octopi'.

In English, it is correct to say 'octopuses', first used by uneducated peasants who did not know of the word's Greek origin, however, it is still technically incorrect.

The word 'octopus' is Greek (octo=eight, pus=foot), therefor, it's ending should be a Greek ending. The Greek ending of the word 'octopus' is 'octopodes' (pronounced: Ock-Top-Oh-Dez).
Octopi is the number, eight multiplied by pi, so is 25.13274123...
by Octopodes December 08, 2010
Adj. Something that is so amazing that it requires a mixture of the abbreviation 'OMG', and the word 'Fantastic' to describe it.
That giant pink flying llama is just so omgitastic
by Octopodes December 26, 2010
Someone, or something, that induces zombie-like behaviour in others.
The old homeless man seemed diseased and zomniferous
by Octopodes December 07, 2010

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