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Abbreviation for naturally.
I am a member. So I went to the meeting, natch.
by Ofcourse August 19, 2003
Definitions on urban dictionary. Things decided by anonymous people and presented as fact
Laws are arbitrary in nature
by OfCourse January 22, 2015
Being a Wonderful Geek entails, Doing things which may seem geeky, but being wonderful when doing them.
A: Do you listen to Radio Three
S: Somtimes
A: You ought to all of your waking life!
S: That good huh?
A: I think so, it makes you a genius when combined with Radio Four
S: A you are such a wonderful geek.
by OFCOURSE April 10, 2006
When a word you created and made by famous is stolen and re-defined by the public and/or urban dictionary.
"An Albatroaz Is a strong confident woman, in other words a bad ass bitch" is wordtheft.
by OfCourse January 22, 2015
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