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15 definitions by OB

Belongs to the same family as T-bagging. And by jove it's fun (if your knees are made of titanium.) Simply prop yourself over your "lover's" face and then gently place your testicles over his/her eyes. Now, instruct them to flutter their eyelids and hey presto!
"What's with the grin?"
"Oh, I taught my missus how to give me an Arabian cradle last night!"
"Really, what is it?"
by OB August 02, 2005
17 10
Zero is less nothing but more not something or rather abscence of things (that allow the user to individuate matter in space and therefore make sense of the world.) Or it can be (in this particular case) the opposite of hero as in from zero to hero or vice versa.
"That chap needs to spend less time trying to define deeply complicated philosophical issues like zero and more time time trying to get a job."
"Your right, he's a real zero."
by OB August 02, 2005
26 21
Simply means "in and out" and can therefore apply to a great many things. You do the math.
"She's gone to her parents for the week!"
"Amazing, smash n grab to Bobby's Sauna this weekend then?"


"She says she'll leave me if I don't do a smash n grab to the registry office!"
"Jesus, she found out about Bobby's Sauna?"
by OB August 02, 2005
7 4
A document stored on a web server. Internet users can view web sites on the World Wide Web using browser software on their computer.
Urban Dictionary is a cool site fo' sheezy!
by OB July 31, 2003
3 3
A large lump of cannabis resin.
by OB July 31, 2003
21 24
OB is the only true origional romeo.. he can woe even the finest girl take him through
these girls know OB sayin shit like Lyrikal assaain WHO HE?... unlike them this career aint even close to bein through..chicks can resit when i spit the "woe" they eat it up like pac-man 3 minuets later they like lets hit the sack man..feelin on my crack man .. i do the freakiest chick when they be begin for the dilznick
by OB December 02, 2003
2 6
Its back and this time it's not taking any prisoners! Ladies and Gentlemen the new and improved... groovy. Whilst maintaining echoes of it's flowery roots, this little puppy has had to grow up and get serious, hereby incorporating 00's sarcasm with the underlying belly of inevitable cataclysmic doom.
"I think we should should have vetoed the US invasion of Iraq"
by OB August 04, 2005
12 20