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An overweight woman, who usually feels she is more attractive than she really is. They almost exclusively wear polyester. They also never include their photo when posting online, yet still claim to be very attractive.
I couldn't believe my buddy Steve. He got so drunk last Saturday night, he went home with a tubby-honey.
by OA&T November 14, 2006
An ancronym for Excessive Sperm Build-up (aka Blue Balls).
Ted just couldn't handle his ESB any more; he told his wife to screw off and went to the titty bars.
by OA&T March 20, 2007
A guy who wants to get into a chickas pants, but who continually thinks that the best way to do this is to be their friend. They are often short, meek, not very handsome. Until they do something different they will always be stuck on the *friends* ladder.
Tim is so pathetic, there he goes once again trying to get into his new love-interest's pants by being her gay little brother.
by OA&T January 23, 2007
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