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A type skintight elastic shorts usually worn by sports people, often seen on girls playing volleyball.
She worn very tight spandex shorts for volleyball practice.
by Nym August 25, 2005
Someone who does business on Ebay.com (i.e. buying, selling, trading)
That person is a very good Ebayer. They have a lot of postitive feed back.
by Nym August 25, 2005
Film, short movie, action/adventure/comedy (2005)

James Blonde is a spoof of James Bond. Blonde is portrayed by James Hawkins who goes after to defeat the international criminal Dr. Thunderballs, played by Stephen Stirling. The film was directed and written by Ryan Ehlen, who also plays Blonde's assitant Q-Tip. The movie also stars Matt Dal Zuffo, Conner Mellon and James Adriansen.
The movie James Blonde was very orginal I must admit.
by Nym September 01, 2005
1. Fapping whilst taking a shit
2. Bringing oneself to orgasm while in the process of defecating
"Last night I was giving my self a fumpkin and it was so hard to finish because my shit smelled so horrendous!"
by nym November 02, 2013

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