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1.) The act of walking out of a situation (particularly a sexual encounter) that should be regretful, but that you are instead, highly proud of.

2.) Getting sheer joy out of the walk of shame the other party is enduring, as you walk, head held high.
Man! Patricia was bawling her eyes out and even put her shirt on backwards...it was CLASSIC!! Then... Joey comes out, smacks her on the ass, gets in his car, and bails!! Best Walk of Pride EVER, dude!
by Nunya Bidnis November 04, 2010
The act of two individuals, clearly disheveled and regretful with heads hung, leaving a house that does not belong to either of them. Usually occurs anytime between 6 and 8AM.
Trish: "So, how was the other night?"

Brooke: "Girl, we walked out of Bonnie's spare bedroom, and she was standing right by the do' with some shit eatin' grin on her face. It was the ultimate Dual Walk of Shame."
by Nunya Bidnis November 04, 2010
The male version of the infamous cameltoe. Particularly disturbing in men over 50. Clothes are unrealistically tight, and not in a sexually intriguing way.
Man, Jerry's Speedo is out of control. Ughh..look at that camel tail!
by Nunya Bidnis November 05, 2010
1. An alternative, more acceptable term to use in place of "fuck"

2. "fuck" in the Bostonian language.

3. A term used frequently in ebonics, replacing the word "fact".
1. "I just tripped over that ottoman, Dick van Dyke style. Fack, that was unnecessary."

2. "Yo, buddy, why don't ya get ya fackin' ca' out da fackin' way before I put my foot up ya' fackin' ass."

3. "Er' body know Sheena's baby daddy is Rayquan, that's a fack."
by Nunya Bidnis November 04, 2010
The act of steering with the knee, when you are far too busy to use your hands. I.E. Shuffling through maps, your CD's, applying your face, arm wrestling with your passenger, etc. Usually preceded by pressing the "Cruise Control" button.
Brenda and Tommy were far too busy playing Scrabble on their way to Montana. Good thing he knows how to knee-cruise.
by Nunya Bidnis November 05, 2010
A walker, cane, wheelchair, Hoveround, etc., as used by an individual of the geriatric age.
Uncle George could barely get around anymore after he broke his hip, so we went ahead and sprung for the high-end Oldsmobile.
by Nunya Bidnis November 04, 2010
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