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3 definitions by Numbers

A 33-year-old pedophile jerk who takes advantage of young boys. He has baby-killer eyes and unstable tendancies. But don't worry, he's a nice guy once you get to know him.
Neil Bookman likes 'em around 14 years old.
by Numbers March 13, 2007

Usually referred to as "Oogey", but this is a common alteration of the word. They are usually quiet, but with tendances to be very spontaneous and hyper at times. Oogsworths often flip their hair and don't jump around at concerts. They wear magical jackets that they can pull many things out of. An Oogsworth is always someone extremely cool. They like giving hugs and drinking Vitamin Water.
"I met this guy at school today. He's a total Oogsworth!"
by Numbers March 13, 2007
A condition that does not replace viagra.
Even though he had complete rigamortis his member was still as flaccid as ever.
by Numbers August 15, 2007